Artist Biography
I've always been artistic, I can remember drawing stick man motorbikes as a young child, it was the only subject I enjoyed at school, which lead me to college to study graphic design and then into my first job as an airbrush artist for a giftware company.

It was while working here that I started drawing cars, highly detailed pencil drawings, mainly Ford RS's and Cosworths, as they were the cars I was into at the time. As my collection grew I decided to sell prints, turning it into a small business, my prints selling to many countries, I also became quite well known at car shows and owners club events, even displaying at Silverstone, although not at a Formula 1 race. It's still quite a feeling driving over the Dunlop bridge to set up in the centre of such an amazing and historic circuit.

Although I've been an F1 fan for as long as I can remember I always resisted going into Formula 1 art, I developed a love for photography and followed this route for many years, I now feel that my photography has also helped me to become a better artist, as I have a much greater understanding of light and shadows than I had as just an artist.

Despite selling thousands of my auto art prints over several years, I feel like 2017 was my revelation year, I felt inspired by Lewis Hamilton's 2017 season to create a huge piece of artwork of him, for me, so I started my first Formula 1 piece of art and worked on it in all of my spare time, and set up a Facebook page to show it's progress, interest in it was so high it just seemed wrong not to turn it into a print, the completed piece 'Hammer Time' can be seen and purchased on this site as a large Limited Edition print, and it's opened up a whole new world of enjoyment in my art, it really is the best of me, unfortunately the website preview can't show it off in all it's glory, it's just not possible in a small preview image.

So I feel like this is my 'unfinished business', started as a project inspired by Lewis Hamilton, I am a huge fan, and as clichéd as it sounds his 'Still I Rise' attitude under pressure drives me, because it's not in my nature to give up either.

I hope you like what I create, as much as I enjoy creating it... This is just the beginning!